Cryptocurrency has become the biggest platform for investing and making a profit these days. Everyone wants to learn and make progress, on social media you would have heard the latest bitgert about how to buy bilgert. The process is quite easy and straightforward. You are on the correct platform if you want to know how to buy Bitgert.

Create An Account of BITGERT (BRISE) Supporting the Exchange

If you want to buy bitgert you need to create an account on the cryptocurrency exchange. Your account should support bitgert Brise. If you are thinking of where to buy bitgert then You can either do this on or Mexc because these platforms are secure, reliable, pocket-friendly, and have good functionality and reputation.


To sign up for your account you need to fill in the basic information like an email address, name, and password and in some cases, you also need to give your address and phone number.

In some exchanges, there is a procedure to fulfill some more information, So that you can purchase the cryptocurrency. It is a licensed regulatory exchange authority procedure.

Add Funds To Your Account

Do you know there is a cryptocurrency of changes that can allow you to sell and purchase with other currencies AUD, USD, EUR, etc? While depositing funds in your account from your website, credit card, direct bank transfer, or e-wallet make sure that you are selecting the correct payment transfer method because some will charge you higher for an example credit card will cost you more than a debit card. to avoid unnecessary costs and confusion, you should be clear about the transfer fees. Once you have made the decision then you can add funds to your crypto account.

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With a bitgert, you can buy any type of cryptocurrency exchange. First, you will find the search bar on the navigation bar. Here, type Bitgert BRISE or Bitgert trading Pairs. You have to click on the section that can allow you to buy it. You can enter the amount of cryptocurrency from which you want to buy bitgert. If you are buying from another currency then the exchange will calculate the equal amount of bitgert Brise according to the current market rate. That is all how to buy a bitgert token.

Before making the transaction make sure that you have double-checked everything such as the amount of the conversion and the total cost of your transaction. Cryptocurrency exchanges also offer convenience software wallets so that you can store your cryptocurrency in them and whenever you want to buy or sell you can easily do that. Either you can create your own individual software wallet or you can buy a hardware wallet through the highest level of protection.

Alternative Ways To Buy BITGERT (BRISE)

Since it is a new project introduced in the Cryptocurrency world therefore you will not find a lot of methods to buy it. 


However, still, if you are wondering where I can buy bitgert coin if you are not comfortable directly connecting your bank details due to geographical reasons or you do not want to give your bank account information and then there are some other alternative ways also present to buy bitgert. 

You can create an account on the major exchanges from where you can do the fund transfer. Make sure that those exchanges are secure and have good functionality and repetition. The alternative is to buy bitgert Brise including Coinbase, FTX US, and Binance.

What is Bitgert (BRISE)?

Bitgert Brise is an engineering technology that specifically works on Blockchain technology, audit, solutions, and products. It was created by the Binance smart chain platform with the help of a blockchain protocol. In July 2021, it was launched and in the starting days, it used BNB as a reward token.

It claims to be the first company presenting zero gas fitting and is the sole Blockchain coin that has 0.0000000000001 transaction fees. It also facilitates a user with a start of the studio program that helps in working on thousands of projects in the Brise ecosystem. Bitgert also helps the developers to get funds for the project. Within 12 months the team working behind that could claim that they can provide thousand-plus projects that are eco-friendly. Currently, they’re working on more than 30 projects.

The good team has been working on the projects and provides the following expanded facilities

  • BRISE dApp Wallet was launched in 2021 on October 28. With this crypto coin wallet, the user can easily install, send, swap, and have a number of cryptocurrencies with security and reliability. Within five minutes, A user can easily purchase, send, and swap BEP20/ERC20 crypto tokens. Within a few minutes, it can also be custom coins.
  • Brise swap released on 7 December 2021 is the fastest and pocket-friendly decentralized exchange on the Binance smart chain.
  • The revenue-sharing staking of BRISE was launched on 7 December 2021. Through this sharing and staking program, you can share the revenue with the investors of BITGERT.
  • On 27 August 2021 BITGERT audit was released that targeted blockchain security. This program helps in providing security in the Blockchain and smart contracts. It is absolutely free.


The Brise token is a payment method that is used in the dApp wallet. without any transaction fees, it connects the buyer and seller to transact crypto fees with each other other than the need for any third party.

This program has also been introduced by the concept of Cryptocurrency making the token more attractive to hold. When you are holding the token it will grow and the price will increase providing you with good profit. With every transaction, you have to give a buyback tax of 5% which stores within the contract. Every sale done by, the tax is utilized from the liquidity pool and emerges to the upcoming buys.

According to the right people on the platform, this coin is beneficial for all. It’s not only limited to selling, buying, or holding but you can also use it as a real payment option globally. Brise also rewards BUSD to investors.



The Beta Bitgert exchange version was launched on the sixth of March. Bitgert exchange is the first ever exchange protocol that is launched on the bitgert chain. It supports trading with dodge coin, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and dash. According to the protocol’s website bitgert is the only crypto exchange that has zero trading fee.


With the help of the Brise DApp wallet, you can receive, send, store, or swap cryptocurrencies safely. The program is much Sis and gives you the access key so that you can protect your assets from unauthorized access. Because if it’s multi-coin support property you can easily go buying and selling the thousands of Blockchain spend coins. You can also install it on android mobile devices or iOS.


It is an exchange program of a decentralized kind that is present on the Binance smart chain. It is a fast pocket-friendly alternative to pancake swap.


With the help of cutting-edge technology and manual code review with good audit provides the best locked-in security system. The experts enter fresheners were looking at the blockchains and smart contracts to provide the best security system.


With the buyback, McGinnis is not good at taking reports it takes a 4% payback on each transaction on DEX. however, the total tax fee for Brise is 12% on the BSC network.


Stage 5: Current

It was launched between April to July 2022

  • It has a Paybrise DApp UI design
  • Tier-1 exchange listings
  • Under the ecosystem, the developers grant building Dapps
  • It is an excellent ecosystem scaling
  • A centralized exchange main net web was launched
  • Paybrise core files development.

Stage 6: Recent

It is launched between August and November 2022

  • It provides a start of the studio project expansion
  • Facilitates with decentralized marketplace UI wireframe
  • It is a centralized exchange beta launch
  • A decentralized marketplace framework is also present
  • It does strategic partnerships
  • Paybrise dApp beta launch
  • Paybrise BRC wallet integration.

Stage 7: Upcoming

It will launch between December to February 2023

  • Centralized exchange main net launch android
  • Web 3.0 data mapping graphics
  • Decentralized marketplace beta launch
  • Paybrise main Net launch
  • Decentralized marketplace main net launch.

Stage 8: Upcoming

It will release between March to June 2023

  • Decentralized freelancer framework
  • Decentralized freelancer UI wireframe
  • Web 3.0 data map beta launch
  • Web 3.0 geo data map core files development
  • Web 3.0 oracle market framework.

Stage — 09 — Upcoming

It is going to release between July and November 2023

  • Decentralized freelancer main net launch
  • Decentralized freelancer beta launch 
  • Decentralized freelancer core files development
  •  Web 3.0 Oracle bitcoin and Ethereum integration
  •  Web 3.0 data map Main net launch.

Stage — 10 — Upcoming

It will be released between December to April 2024

  • Decentralized VPN market framework
  • Marketplace for public web 3.0 Oracle 
  • Web 3.0 Oracle data launch 
  • Defi integrations on web 3.0 Oracle
  • Layer 1 Blockchain integrations on web 3.0 Oracle.

Stage — 11 — Upcoming

It will release from May to August 2024

  • Decentralized VPN beta launch 
  • Decentralized VPN core development
  • Decentralized VPN Nodes set up
  • Web 3.0 Oracle Mainnet launch 
  • Decentralized VPN UI wireframe.

Stage — 12 — Upcoming

It will launch between September to January 2025

  • Decentralized VPN Node reward program
  • Decentralized VPN main net launch 
  • decentralized VPN Node participation documentation.

Official website:


There are many choices of crypto wallets available it totally depends on your trading frequency difference and the wallet that offers the most secure situation. You will have two types of wallet including cold storage and hot storage Wallet. It’s up to you which one would suit the best for you because both have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Selection of Cryptocurrency Wallet for BITGERT (BRISE)?

You can compare the following factors before making the decision on a cryptocurrency wallet

  • Your Trade Preference

Every wallet does not support all types of cryptocurrencies but some of the most powerful wallets have to give the ability to trade in different currencies. it will be helpful for you to fit all the currencies into one similar experience.

  •  How often Do You Trade

If you do short trading or active cryptocurrency trading then hot will it will be a better option for you. Within a few clicks, you can easily log in and buy and sell your cryptocurrency. If you want to do less frequent trading then a cold wallet should be your choice.

  •  Your Relaxation of Mind 

If you are worried about crypto hacking and you want to secure your wallet for your trading so you should prefer a cold wallet because it is more secure. But if you do not have a lot of time when you want to log in very quickly then a hot wallet is also a good and secure option.

  • The Consequences 

The basic of all the cryptocurrency wallet is the same only there’s a difference in a few features. Like a hot will, it has reporting features and gives you crypto insight into the current market so that you can make the right trading choice. Where cold is secure features you can select the wallet.

  • Cost

You should be aware of the cost of your wallet. The hot wallets are free while for cold wallets you need to make some purchases.

Bitgert (BRISE) Price & Charts

With the following details, you can find out the trade volume price chart and market cap previous price performance of the bitgert brise.

  • Compare the current market price of cryptocurrency with the USD
  •  Daily volume trading and market capitalization 
  • Circulating in total supply previous charts with prices relative to USD, Ethereum, and bitcoin.
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Anas Anwar is a senior SEO Specialist at LinkBuildingHQ, a digital marketing agency based in Orlando. He specializes in SEO, SEM & Link Building techniques. He is passionate about technology and loves to analyze the tech industry in his spare time and stay in touch with the latest happenings. He also writes technical articles about SEO and digital marketing. Follow AnasAnwar94 for more updates.


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