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A Detailed Review of MacBook 12in M7 Features

MacBook 12in m7 was launched in 2016. From the date it was released till now, there has been no upgradation in the device. This is an amazing laptop that is loaded with powerful features and specifications. The best part about this device is that it has superfast 512GB SSD storage,  8GB of RAM, and an intel core m7 processor as well.

A MacBook is the best option if you like easy-to-carry laptops. The performance of book 12in m7 is remarkable and appreciable. It has a powerful system and is considered a cheap option because most the MacBooks cost nearly $1000. But according to price, it is providing a lot of advanced specifications. So let’s have a look at the detailed MacBook 2016 M7 review.

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Macbook Specifications


Display Resolution

If you compare the MacBook 13-inch and MacBook 15 inches screens there is very little difference. The MacBook 12-inch screen is helpful in multiple functions. It not only performs as a screen but has many other roles. Visual modification and video communication are among the best features of the book 12in m7.

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You can use MacBook in projects where you need to make a special element organization on the screen. Most Apple customers have 13-inch laptops to conduct their work. But if you need a clear perspective office place then this is an excellent option. You can use it for word process and for emails.


The storage of this laptop varies according to its color. The silver color and grey color MacBook got a 256GB hard drive. The grey color MacBook also has more storage capacity. Book 12in m7 has 8GB ramp CPU. However, you need to upgrade 8 to 16 GB if you desire it to work more efficiently.
If you will select the MacBook Pro, it has a speedy CPU and greater storage. So if you want better characteristics you can select the latest version of the MacBook.

Battery Runtime

Not only laptops but the battery runtime of any electronic gadget such as a tablet or mobile is Very important. The battery run time becomes even more essential when you have an ultra-portable computer system. Whether you are using a laptop for your work or personal use it should provide you with sufficient work for many works. There are many times when you do not have a switch to charge so a good battery runtime for your laptop is a major decision.

This MacBook pair of 1534 has a Li-polymer battery with the capability of 41.4 WH. The battery of the MacBook 12-inch has a capability of 10 hours for remote web use and it can play 11 hours for iTunes movies. It also has a standby power time of 30 days. You will receive your MacBook Pro which comes with 29W output USB-C power adapter.

Audio And Video Quality

Not just it has an amazing screen that features a high-quality resolution but it also provides a high-quality, amazing, and outstanding Soundsystem. The MacBook consists of studio speakers that produce clear high-quality sound. The headset consists of a 3.5 MM jack. It also gives airport express access to the other users which is much helpful during the live streaming of a video. It has an HD front camera having 480p resolution and two microphones that are all you need for an amazing video calling experience. Without any doubt, this Apple launch product has the best amazing features for its customers.


It has a very powerful battery that has a standby time of one month which usually other laptops do not have. The secret to the power supply is an 841 V lithium battery. You will receive a 29W power adapter that will give the fastest charging experience. You can use the USB-C port in the high MBPS as a power charging port as well.

If you want to connect with other devices you have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth facilities. With the help of a USB-C port on the device, you can avail of the dual display capabilities. Its backlit LED keyboard gives the most aesthetic and relaxing experience to its customers.

How Much Does The M7 MacBook cost?

Apple is the company that introduced MacBook and without any doubt, Apple is the most reliable and expensive brand in the market of technology. Not all people can afford Apple gadgets and appliances. However, since it is a desire of every individual to use Apple products most Americans have these expensive gadgets. Apple has become a signature of elegance class and wealth due to which people frequently purchase Apple products.

Since this model was launched in 2016, it is a six-year-old product and not much pricey. It is worth around $500 which is appropriate if you look at the features and specifications of this product. It provides much better features than many other laptops at a very reasonable price. You can buy your MacBook from an Apple Store or online.

A Detailed Video Review Of Macbook M7


The MacBook has excellent features and is a very powerful laptop. Although this model is quite old if you considered the price then it is much more reasonable. The latest models of MacBook price are much higher even crossing $1000. So why not buy a MacBook which is giving you a wide range of features at a pocket-friendly price? We hope that if you are making up your mind to buy MacBook 12in m7 then this article has helped you much with its features.


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