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A Detailed Review About Razer Blade 15 2018 H2

What is more interesting for a gamer rather than buying a new gaming system? We will be giving the most honest and detailed review of Razer Blade 15 2018 h2.

Once there was a time when gaming was considered a leisure activity. But these days gaming has become a passionate career opportunity for many people. Gamers do not just play games for their interest but they put all their effort into professionally competing with the competitors. Gamers are always excited about the launch of a new game but more than that they are often looking for the best gaming systems.

If you are wondering does it actually matters what gaming system you’re playing on? No doubt, Yes! it has a huge impact on your gaming performance. If you are playing games on high-performance software with advanced technology then your gadget can 100x improve your gaming experience.

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What is Razer Blade 15?

It is better known as blade 15 2018. It is a stylish gaming laptop that is specifically designed for high-end games. This laptop is sleek and slim in appearance. If you are thinking to buy this laptop then our review will help you in making the best buying decision.

Product Specifications of Razer Blade

Now let’s break down the specifications of this gaming laptop so that you can better know its efficacy and performance.

  • The Performance

The Razer Blade 15 gives the best performance experience. It has a 144 Hz refresh rate which helps you play your game smoothly without any interruption. The appearance of the laptop is also elegant and easily portable. It has a five hours battery saver mode as well. The memory and storage make this laptop the best choice as you have an upgrade option in it.

  • Powerful Processor

It has a powerful inbuilt processor of 8th Gen Intel Core i7-8750H. This CPU system is fast enough to provide you with the best gaming experience.

  • Operating Capability

With Razer 15 initially you will get a Windows 10 operating system but in the future, if you want to upgrade it you can easily do it. It is an excellent feature because with time every laptop needs operating system modifications and upgradation.

  • Storage Capacity

You will get your Blade 15 with a starting 256GB Storage capacity. If you want to upgrade the storage it has the capability to upgrade to 2TB. Music, pictures, videos, gaming, and other media files require a lot of storage so this laptop is a yes-yes in this manner.

  • A Clear Smooth Display

It has a 15.6-inch display that is large enough to give amazing clarity. Its screen has the best contrast in color but the surface is a bit glossy. Although if you compare it with MacBook Pro then the colors of the display or not as good but since it is budget-friendly so people often prefer this laptop.

  • Battery Life

The biggest drawback of Razer 15 is its battery life which is six hours and if you were playing a game even less than that. When you are using the laptop continuously gets heated up very quickly and most of the time you will find yourself charging the battery. Since the laptop is thin in appearance it is obvious that it will get heated up quickly. You will be needing regular maintenance to prevent overheating of your laptop.

  • Design and Texture

The main reason for the popularity of this laptop is its light and elegant design. It is eye-catchy, durable, and made up of black aluminum chassis making it tough enough.

Although the performance of a laptop is much more important still at the same time if you are a gadget lover you will obviously want the smooth, sleek, slim, and easy-to-carry appearance of your laptop.

  • Efficient Memory

It has a 16GB memory card which is good enough to provide fast speed. An efficient memory card is very important especially when you are using multiple apps at a time and multitasking on your laptop.

  • Keyboard 

It has the best laptop keyboard giving you an amazing gaming experience. Even if you want to do long typing its keyboard is a good option.

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Pros & Cons of Razer Blade 15 2018 H2

Advantages of Blade 15 gaming laptop

  • It has a very compact slim and sleek design that makes it an easy-to-carry portable laptop.
  • It is available in a few colors and refreshes very quickly.
  • Its keyboard is most comfortable for typing.

Disadvantages of Blade 15 gaming laptop

  • It does not have excellent airflow and easily gets clogged
  • It has an average battery life.

Final Thoughts

We hope that the above-mentioned specifications will give you the right guidance while considering a purchase of the Razer Blade 15 2018 h2. Whether it is Blade 15 or any other laptop each system has its own pros and cons. The decision completely depends on your requirements and the features on which you can compromise. Apart from the battery life, it is an excellent option for buying pocket-friendly gaming laptops.


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