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How Do I Craft a Diamond Pickaxe Minecraft?

If you are addicted to Minecraft games, you must be familiar with mining. It is an essential part of the game as you have to mine to collect and find mobs or resources. By mining, you can even discover new areas. Before starting mining you must have the appropriate tools.

While playing Minecraft you must know how to make a diamond pickaxe. It is the most powerful pickaxe in the game. If you are wondering how do I craft a diamond pickaxe Minecraft then you are at the right place because we will give you the complete guideline related to diamond pickaxe minecraft.

Diamond Pickaxe in Minecraft (2022)

You need to make many other pickaxes to make a diamond pickaxe. However, if you have other pickaxes then you can easily craft a diamond pickaxe.

Importance of Diamond Pickaxe?


Due to many reasons, the Diamond pickaxe is considered the most popular Minecraft in the whole game. Other than diamond nephrite pickaxe is said to be the strongest pickaxe. A diamond pickaxe after leveling up converts into netherite. On the basis of speed, the diamond pickaxe is considered the third fastest pickaxe in Minecraft. 

The fastest are nephrite and gold pickaxe. However, many blocks which are broken by gold pickaxe do not give anything. Apart from its efficiency features a diamond pickaxe is necessary, especially in the survival mode of the game.

Uses of Diamond Pickaxe 

In the Minecraft game, the diamond pickaxe performs the following functions

  • For efficient mining of all ores, a diamond pickaxe is necessary. With a diamond pickaxe, you can easily avail many items.
  • A diamond Pickax can easily mine obsidian which other weak pickaxes cannot mine.
  • A diamond pickaxe is necessary to obtain netherite pickaxe. You can also obtain other nethetie items through diamond pickaxe.
  • You can use a diamond pickaxe as a weapon during a dire situation since it has a high rate of damage.

Getting Diamond Pickaxe in Minecraft

Other than crafting you can also find a diamond pickaxe in chess loot of locations such as Bastion Remnants and end city.

The drawback of such diamond pickaxe loot is that you can only access the locations in survival mode. In survival mode, you might have got the diamond gear. other than loot and crafting, you can also get a diamond pickaxe by trading with toolsmith villagers.

Instructions for Diamond Pickaxe

You can use the following command in your chat box to get a diamond pickaxe 

/give @p diamond_pickaxe 1

The above command works on both Bedrock addition and Minecraft Java.

Things necessary to Make a Diamond Pickaxe

Following are the things you will require while crafting a diamond pickaxe.

  • Three diamond.
  • Crafting table.
  • Two sticks.

Sticks are an essential element for creating pickaxe in the game. Sticks work as the handle and the other material is the head of the pickaxe. For the preparation of sticks, you need to place two planks vertically in the crafting area. Place the wood or stem block in the crafting area to get planks.

It does not matter what kind of wood you are using to make sticks because in Minecraft all the woods are equal. Once you have created the sticks make a new pickaxe.

Make a Wooden Pickaxe

To continue mine stoning the first pickaxe you will make is a wooden one. to create a wooden pickaxe and place planks vertically in the crafting area. You will also place wooden sticks in the second and third rows of the middle cell.


After creating a wooden pickaxe you can travel the world to discover stone blocks. After finding the stone blocks you can craft cobblestones. You will need three cobblestone blocks to create a cobblestone pickax.

Make a Stone Pickaxe

When you have gathered three cobblestones go back to the crafting table. Place the cobblestone on the topmost row. In the middle cell place 2 wooden sticks. For the preparation of all the pickaxes, the placement of wood sticks remains the same.


Once you have prepared a cobblestone pickaxe you can go into the cave for Iron ore. You can easily find iron ore. These ores are present at the world height of 16. To prepare an iron pickaxe you will need three pieces of raw iron.

Make an Iron Pickaxe

Once you have collected your iron you need to convert it into ironic ingots with the help of a furnace. To fuel up the furnace you can use wooden planks. Once you have prepared iron ingots place them on the first floor of the crafting area. You will produce wooden sticks in the middle of the cell in the second and third rows, your iron pickaxe is ready.


You might have noticed that the whole procedure of crafting a pickaxe is similar. You will need a gold or iron pickaxe to mine diamonds. Once you have prepared the iron pickaxe you can easily craft a diamond pickaxe.

Discovering Diamonds in Minecraft

Diamonds are mostly present at the height below 16. In Minecraft, when you reach a bedrock layer or a height of -64 you can easily reach diamonds. Once you have reached the correct height diamond block directly drop the diamond. It is completely different from smelting iron. To craft a diamond pickaxe you will need three diamonds. Once the diamond pieces are dropped you can select the one according to your preference.


Other Ways to Get Diamonds

There are many more methods of obtaining diamonds rather than going deep into the mines. You can obtain diamonds from chest loot in the following locations

  • End City
  • Stronghold 
  • Jungle Temple 
  • Desert Temple
  • Mineshaft
  • Bastion remnant
  • Buried treasure
  • Nether fortress
  • Shipwrecks
  • Villages with ironsmiths.

Among the above, the villages are the best location to find diamonds.

How to make a Diamond Pickaxe In Minecraft

If you have already started crafting different stone pickaxes then you must be familiar with the basic procedure of pickaxe crafting. You will need three diamonds in the top row of the crafting area to prepare a diamond pickaxe. 


You will put two sticks in the middle cells of the second and third rows to complete the preparation of the diamond pickaxe once you have prepared the diamond pickaxe, now add it to your inventory to use it.

Top Enchantments to Use on a Pickaxe

With the following enchantments, the diamond pickaxe can become more powerful

  • Fortune III

While mining it increases the number of things you get from a block.

  • Efficiency V

It speeds up the mining process.

  • Unbreaking

It increases the strength and durability of an item.

  • Silk touch

It improves your mining capabilities.

  • Mending

It helps in repairing pickaxe.

How To Make a Netherite Pickaxe


Crafting a diamond pickaxe is not the end but you can upgrade the pickaxe into netherite pickaxe by using a smithing table. You can place a diamond pickaxe and netherite ingot on the smithing table. Voila, you have successfully upgraded your diamond pickaxe into netherite pickaxe.



Frequently Asked Questions

How To Craft a Diamond Pickaxe In Minecraft?

A diamond pickaxe recipe requires three diamonds and two wooden sticks with a crafting table. just like any other pickaxe recipe,  you will place the diamond on the top row of the crafting table. Place wooden sticks in the middle of the cell in the second and third rows. Your diamond pickaxe will be ready to use.

What Is The Diamond Pickaxe ID?

The technical ID of the diamond pickaxe in the game is 278. This id is useful while creating custom commands on the pickaxe.

Can a Diamond Pickaxe Break?

Although it is the second strongest pickaxe in Minecraft, still its durability reduces with each use. If you desire to keep its efficiency then you should use mending enchantment.

How To Get Diamonds In Minecraft Fast?

The fastest way to get diamonds is the village with Ironsmiths. However, the most reliable source is mining diamonds is large open dripstone caves.

What are All the Pickaxes in Minecraft?

Minecraft game has the following pickaxe

  • Wood
  • Stone
  • Iron
  • Gold
  • Diamond
  • Netherite.

Start Using the Diamond Pickaxe in Minecraft

If you had the question how do I craft a diamond pickaxe Minecraft we hope through our article you’ve got the complete information related to crafting the pickaxe. With a diamond pickaxe in Minecraft, you can explore many mining adventures. No matter how much you protect the durability of your pickaxe once you will die in the game you will lose your pickaxe. Therefore, you should keep the recovery compass along with you in the game.


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