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All about xResolver (Use of xResolver for Xbox, xResolver Alternatives)

“xResolver is an amazing invention, but are you aware that hackers and gamers can use this tool to hack your IP address and location without your concern?”

Through this article, we will tell you everything about xResolver, how to use it, how to blacklist your data, what are the different alternatives of xResolver, and other questions related to xResolver.

Currently, xResolver has 300000 Registered Users

PlayStation and Xbox are the most common gaming gadgets these days. Although the majority of gamers still prefer playing on a desktop, some gamers and hackers like to play games on Xbox.

Yes, you heard it right, hackers! Many Xbox gamers are experiencing data breaching problems. Due to this, gamers who play on PSN and Xbox suffer from alteration of IP address, username, and gamer tags.

To prevent this data breach by hackers, many gamers these days use xResolver to secure their IP addresses and other records. It works by altering usernames and gamer tags into a different format which is difficult to breach by the hacker.

What Is xResolver?

xResolver is a web-based tool or online software through which you can see the username, location, and IP address of your opponent gamer.

A lot of gamers dislike this software as they feel it is a threat to the database of many gamers. xResolver has been quite controversial and not every gamer like it.

This tool was not built with any negative agenda. In fact, xResolver was created to help gamers. Its new features released a few months back are muchly appreciable.

xResolver Features

  • PlayStation and Xbox resolver

xResolver has many features that are beneficial for PlayStation and Xbox users. By using xResolver you can change your username, gamer tags, and IP address to prevent data breaching.

  • Identification of the geographical location

With the help of the premium IP feature, you can check the location of other users as well as your own location. The geographical IP location services are provided by the Internet service provider.

  • Obtain  IP address

It is the best feature of xResolver. With this feature, you can log in as a registered user and can send custom links to other users to obtain their IP addresses. The premium features of xResolver are even more fun to try.

  • Blacklist your own IP address

It is a feature through which you can remove your data from the xresolver database. By clicking on the remove data option you can blacklist the user name, location, and IP address. You can also remove other information from the website as well.

The Function of xResolver?

Without any doubt, xResolver is an amazing tool loaded with useful features for PlayStation and Xbox gamers. This tool helps in storing public data such as location, username, gamer tags, and IP addresses.

xResolver also helps in securing your own gamer tags, IP addresses, and username from hackers. It works as a protective layer to your IP address and gamer tags by hiding it, as a result, it makes your data difficult to breach.

xResolver accesses user information such as IP address, location, and network connection details with the help of thousands of bots. It is necessary for everyone to secure their personal information from hackers, therefore xResolver is a very useful tool.

How to use xResolver For PlayStation and Xbox?

xResolver is a tool that is created to benefit PlayStation and Xbox gamers. By using this tool, gamers can secure their IP address and other data. 

Steps to use xResolver:

with the help of the following steps, you can use xResolver for PlayStation and Xbox.

  • Visit the xResolver.com website.
  • Go to the left side menu and click on PlayStation resolver or Xbox resolver.
  • You will see an illustrated box, enter your IP address on the Xbox gamer tag. Once you will click the result button, you are done with the task.

Blacklisting Yourself on xResolver?

If you are curious to know how to blacklist yourself on xResolver? then in the section, we will give you step-by-step complete guidelines about blacklisting yourself on xResolver.

Through blacklisting yourself, you can remove your gamer tag, username, IP address, and other data permanently. It will secure your personal data from hackers.

Steps to Blacklist Yourself on xResolver

  • Go to the xResolver website.
  • Click on the remove data option.
  • Select PlayStation or Xbox and fill in the required information.
  • You can make payments by debit or credit card to finish the blacklisting payment procedure.

After you have made the payment your data will be removed. You can search for the xResolver blacklist link to quickly begin the task.

The Best xResolver Alternatives 

xResolver is an amazing tool for free but it provides limited features. If you require more advanced features then you need to buy a premium xResolver.

Features of Premium xResolver

  • Blacklist PlayStation and Xbox data
  • Increase storage limit for IP storage 
  • No limitation on resolving
  • It can also reveal the IPv6/Ipv4 of users.

Following is a list of xResolver alternatives


Octosniff is a game connection optimizing and IP sniffer tool. Either you can use a free trial or buy this tool. Through a free trial, you can check its features.

Once you finish your trial period then you can buy the software at the standard $19.99 or the ultimate $29.99 rate. You can buy the tool through MasterCard, Ethereum, bitcoin, or Visa.

Lanc Remastered PCPS

The best thing is that it is a free tool and works both online and offline. It is considered as best xResolver alternative because of its cross-platform device compatibility. It can sniff IP addresses from PlayStation and Xbox gaming sessions.

More than 1.5 million users have updated this tool. Following are the major advantages and disadvantages of Lanc remastered PCPS

xResolver Pros:

  1. Quick to install and easy to use.
  2. It can sniff IP addresses faster.
  3. It is completely free.
  4. You do not need to register to use this tool.

xResolver Cons:

  1. Resolving problems takes a lot of time.
  2. You will require additional software.
  3. Xbox booter

This tool is specifically designed for Xbox gamers. You can use this tool for both online and offline gamers. It is a free tool to pull an IP address.

It is excellent software that helps you in installing the best VPN.

Following are the major advantages and disadvantages of the Xbox booster


  1. You get the best VPN at a very low price.
  2. It works efficiently and is pocket friendly.
  3. You can boot people offline.


  1. Its features are not muchly advanced.
  2. The website is very slow.




Is it legal to use xResolver?

Yes, it is absolutely legal to use Resolver because it is not violating any law and amendment of many countries including the US. This tool has all the information on its website. There is nothing which is hidden.

Is xResolver free to use?

The basic features of the xResolver tool are free to use but if you desire to use the advanced features, such as blacklisting and sniffing data then you need to get the premium package.

How to use xResolver for Xbox?

If you are an Xbox user, you can use your gamer tag on the website and change it to a different IP address. By using Resolver you can use the gamer tags of other gamers and even find out their location and IP address.

How to use xResolver for PlayStation?

It is easy to use xResolver for PlayStation gamers. All you have to do is write your gamer tag and you can hide your IP address, location, and other information from hackers.

Bottom line

It is essential to secure your IP address, gamer tag, username, and other important information from hackers. You should never share your username or gamer tag with unknown people. To prevent hacking, you should occasionally change your Xbox username and gamer tag.


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