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All about Auto Clicker for Chromebook – The top Auto Clickers

With an Auto clicker for chrome book, everyone can save their time and energy by automatically selecting objects on Chromebook.

Chromebook is an amazing innovation in the field of computers and technology. With Chromebook, a user can use multiple web applications with excellent speed, ease, and efficiency.

Chromebook has many features for the convenience of its users and the auto clicker for chrome book is one such tool that is an amazing modification of automatic mouse selection.

Technology is all about providing convenience and relief to people. In previous times, people might have thought about a computer without a mouse and keyboard. In the form of an auto clicker, these dreams have finally turned into reality.

Automatic Clicker in Chromebook (2022)

If you are wondering what is an auto clicker in chrome book? An auto clicker is an intelligent software or automatic tool which works sufficiently and intelligently as an automatic mouse. By using this tool you do not need to click on your computer screen because the human click is of no comparison with it.

Its functionality is actually quite creative. When your cursor remained still for a few seconds it’ll become inactive, this is the point when the automatic clicker performs its action.

It is the best tool for those people who have a lot of clicking work and do not get enough time to focus on the task.


There are over 30 million auto clicker users who are availing the app free for Chromebook

Chromebook is one of the most famous browsing tools and these days AutoClicker is also gaining popularity. People are using an auto clicker for free. The best part about the auto clicker is its unbelievable speed.

If you are doing a task that needs a lot of mouse clicks at the same instance your mouse will stop working. However, such a situation does not happen with an auto clicker.

It becomes boring and consumes a lot of time while doing work on your chrome book. People prefer using auto clickers due to their fastest speed and efficiency because they do not want to divert their attention from their tasks. Auto clicker also helps in performing multiple tasks at the same time.

The clicking power of an auto clicker helps you in getting your work done in a short span of time. Here are some of the facts regarding auto clicker functions.

  • With the help of an auto clicker, you can build blocks in Minecraft.
  • For work that requires frequent mouse clicking, you can use an auto clicker to speed up your task.
  • If you are entering data on the chrome book with an auto clicker you can quickly shift the cells.
  • An auto clicker automatically refreshes or reloads the webpage if needed.
  • Not only for work but you can also use an auto clicker for playing shooting games.

How To Get Auto Clicker on Chromebook

There are many sources through which you can get an auto clicker quickly and free of cost. Honestly speaking, those sources are much easier than downloading auto clicker for your Chromebook.

If you are wondering how you can use download or install auto clicker for chrome book? Here, I have listed two methods through which you can get an auto clicker on the Chromebook.

Method 1- Inbuilt Auto Clicker For Your Chromebook

You do not need to install it because Chromebook has an inbuilt AutoClicker feature. All you have to do is use that feature to improve your work and gaming experience. With an inbuilt auto clicker, you do not need to, again and again, click the mouse or divert your attention from your task.

Following are the steps through which you can transform your mouse into an auto clicker

  • Click on the time settings and press hold ALT+shift+S on your keyboard.
  • Click on the advanced option in the time setting.
  • You will find the accessibility option then click on the manage accessibility feature.
  • By clicking on the mouse/touchpad option you will select to automatically click the option.
  • You can customize your cursor according to your choice.

Method 2- Utilizing Auto Clicker For your Chromebook

If you want to enable an auto clicker by using the Google Chrome browser then you can do it through the following steps:

  • Go to the settings option on the Chromebook browser.
  • Select the advanced option.
  • Click on the accessibility option.
  • Go to the manage accessibility feature.
  • Select the mouse and touchpad settings.
  • Enable the automatic clicking when the mouse pointer stops option.

How to use Automatic Clicks in Chrome OS

With the following steps, you can easily enable an automatic clicker in Chrome OS

  • On the bottom right corner, you will find the quick settings option. Select the cogwheel icon, and go to the settings option.
  • On the left side but you will find an advanced option, click on it. Go to the accessibility option.
  • Select the manager accessibility feature.
  • By scrolling down you will find the mouse and touchpad options. You can turn on the “automatically click when the cursor stops” option.

  • Now when you will stop the cursor of your mouse it will automatically click.

How To Make Changes on Auto Clicker in Chrome OS

An auto clicker in Chrome OS has customization features as well. So if you want to make desirable customizations on your auto clicker then you can do it by the following steps.

  • Once you have started using an auto clicker feature you will notice a menu on the bottom right corner of your chrome book. Here, you have the option to make a selection between left-click, right-click, click and drag, double-click, and scroll for your auto-clicker. Except for continuous clicking, you can customize your auto clicker with any of the functions of your mouse.
  • You can also customize the movement threshold, mouse clicks, delay timing, and many other features from the accessibility settings page.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How To Enable Automatic Clicks on Chromebook?

Simply go to the settings and select advanced settings. Click on assessability and select the manage assessability feature. Here, you can enable to “automatically click when the precursor stops” option. You can make customization according to your choice and you’re all good to use an auto clicker for Chromebook.

What is the process to install an auto clicker for a Chromebook cookie clicker?

On your chrome browser, you will click on the chrome web extension and then select a cookie clicker. You will get many relevant clickers and according to your preference, you can install them.

Which Auto Clicker is best for your Chromebook?

Following are some options that are considered as best Chrome auto clicker.

  • Auto clicker
  • Mini clicker
  • Quick auto clicker.

Step by step disabling Automatic Clicks in Chromebook

You will go to the settings page, and select advanced settings. In assessability, you will find the option to manage accessibility features. select disable option for the “automatically click when the precursor stops” feature.

Can we continuously click with the Automatic Clicks feature in ChromeOS?

No, Chrome Auto clicks do not have a continuous clicking feature. But you can customize it for left-click, right-click, scroll, or Drag and drop options.


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