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How To Fake Phone Disconnected Text Message

Fake phone disconnected text message is a brilliant way to avoid unnecessary long calls or if you are busy but cannot avoid the call.

  • You can create the message with the help of Applications such as YouMail or Google voice which will help in generating automatic fake messages.
  • If you do not want to create a fake message about a disconnected call then you can simply block the number for a while.
  • The most common way is that you manually write a text message.

Without any further dues let’s get on the fake phone disconnected text message not received text prank

The best way to create a fake phone-disconnected text message is that you write off the message yourself. There are many examples of convincing for text messages including

  • The number you are trying to reach Is not available at the moment.
  • This number is no longer in the service text.
  • The subscriber cannot be reached by text at the moment.

You can either create a new fake message or you can simply fake error message text copy and paste for the person you want to convince.

Before creating a disconnected text message you should be aware of a few things in your mind if the person wants to talk to you they will call again. For this, you need to use the Google voice option. 

Due to recycling of call log, you can also pretend to be another person. However, if you are using voicemail then the person can identify you. Such tricks also do not work with scammers. Let’s have a look at a few major message carriers.


  • T-mobile disconnected a fake text message

Not just one text message but it provides a variety of fake disconnected text messages so that you can select the one according to your choice. It is up to you to whom you want to send this message. Usually, the services are used for non-SMS digital messages. At the same moment, if you want to send two different messages to different people you can select accordingly.

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  • AT&T Disconnected Text Message 

This type of disconnect text message consists of a whole 10-digit number or a short code along with saying invalid number either kindly resend a message. If the person gets to know it is fake it’s gonna become a childish prank.

However, as long as a person does not catch you can easily use this fake phone message for quite a long time. By using AT&T either you can block the contact or create an automatic text message.

  • Verizon Disconnected Text Message

When a person set an unreachable text message through this network within the text they get a reply about an error notice. Now, the person can return the message but since it is an automatic service therefore a person cannot remove the error on their own. You need to send a message again in case of failure to deliver.

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Although the manual way of sending fake text messages is quite simple and easy what is still if you have a very tough routine it is difficult to send a message again and again to people. Therefore it is always better to set an automated mode for sending this thing disconnected text messages. The following are the best ways in which you can save yourself from unwanted calls.

  • Block the number

Either you can do this on your phone or use Google voice for it. Once you have added the number to the block list when they will call you, it will be connected to the Google Voice number and they will receive fake phone messages.

  • Use Google Voice

Google voice forward calling is the best option for automatically disconnected messages. Google voice simply sends automated voice messages or SMS to the person stating that your number is not available at the moment.

Having a Google voice number is either free or quite pocket-friendly depending on the facilities you want. All you have to do is reach out to the website and register yourself. After getting the number you can search for fake text messages. It will divert all your calls and phone to Google voice.

There are two ways through which you can select a specific number for call forwarding or you can select all the numbers. Now when you will receive a call it will be directed toward Google voice.

Bottom line 

We hope that our article regarding fake phone disconnected text message might have helped you a lot. All the ways you can utilize both iPhone and android systems. You can share your experience with us.


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