How To Make Periods Bigger on Word

If you are curious to know how to make periods bigger on the Word, then you must have already known the typical method. For the most common method, you first have to select the individual period and then change its size. It is time taking especially if you want to make multiple changes in the period size.

Whether you are working on Microsoft Word for quite a long time or you are a beginner, at some point, you need clarification and help. You can easily modify or change the format of Microsoft Word but if you want to increase the size of periods in an already prepared document then there are many ways to do it.

While preparing document punctuation marks to have significant importance as it helps your reader to get your message. The size of periods on Microsoft Word should be sufficient so that you can easily read it on the screen as well as on printed documents.

Luckily, there are multiple ways how to make periods bigger on word. So, in this article, we will discuss a few methods through which you can increase the size of a Microsoft word document.

Manually make periods bigger on Word

Thinking about bigger on Word? The best and easiest way is to increase the size manually. You can increase the size on any version of word as well as other word processor alternatives such as Google docs, open office, etc.

All you have to do is use your mouse to select the period and increase the font size from the menu located on the upper side of the document. Although it is a simple and easy method to increase period size but if you have many punctuation marks or periods then it can consume a lot of time. This method only works for a small number of corrections.

Make permanent changes to the Word period

Microsoft Word and other Google documents have a variety of customization options. You can easily change the text font and size according to your preference. However, if you desire to make many font and period changes at the same time then unfortunately you will find difficulty.

Also, you can make changes in your Microsoft Word document but there is no way you can permanently adjust the period size. When you are selecting and adjusting the font size of punctuation marks or periods on words they obviously make sure that in the future you can also re-customize it.

Advanced options for changing the size of a Word document

If you have a lot of punctuation marks or period changes in the document then using the advanced option is a good choice. With the help of the find and replace tool of words, you can increase the size of periods very quickly on the word.

First, select the replace option present on the menu above the active Word document. If you are working on the old versions of the word then you will see an edit Option instead of replacing. If you are unable to find the place option then simply press the ctrl and H Key together. You will reach to find and replace the menu where you can change punctuation marks or periods.

You can easily modify your required punctuation marks or period with just one click. All you have to do is after the selection, change the font size. Hence, You can easily customize the font size of the period on the word.

How To Make Periods Bigger on The Word (Complete the steps to change period size in Microsoft Word)

  • Go to the document.
  • Click on the home tab.
  • Select the replace option.
  • Write down the period which you want to change in the find and replace option and select the desired period size.
  • Go to the format and click on the font.
  • Once you have selected the font size then press ok.
  • Now select replace all option to change your period size on Microsoft.

    Step 1:
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Step 2:


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Step 4:


Step 5:


Bottom line

We hope that this article was helpful for you regarding, how to make periods bigger on Word. You can effortlessly change the period size on Microsoft word by following the above-mentioned steps. Let us know if you still find any difficulty in changing the font size on Microsoft word.

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