How to make your TikTok dark mode on Android

When it comes to social media and creativity, the first app that comes to anyone’s mind is TikTok. From dubbing dialogues to dancing to catchy tunes, this app provides an opportunity for hundreds of creative social media users who are just a click away from being renowned.

There is no question that spending hours on this app will never be enough because it is available to anyone and has numerous possibilities for creative geniuses. TikTok will undoubtedly capture your interest for an extended period, whether you are recording a clip or scrolling through your feed. If you know you’ll be using an app for a long time, why not attempt to make it easier on your eyes? You may use your TikTok dark mode for this reason, just like any other app, to enjoy browsing without feeling guilty.

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However, why does TikTok have a dark mode? And what’s the link between consumer convenience and dark mode on your smartphone? Without further ado, let’s get answers to all of your questions and have a look at the step-by-step instruction on how to make your TikTok dark mode on Android.

Dark mode for your mobile screens

Initially, a dark mode was merely another color scheme choice for your smartphone. The color palette is typically thought to highlight the beauty of standard screen designs. It used to be challenging to turn on dark mode on mobile devices. To improve the user experience, certain apps first offered a dark switch option like TikTok dark mode Android and IoS. Today, a consumer can set the dark mode for all of their smartphone’s applications, not just through the app but also through the device itself.

Why is it an excellent option to switch to dark mode?

To make life easier on the eyes and lessen eye strain in low light circumstances, dark mode is a color scheme option for electronic devices that transforms the background to a darker color and uses more delicate lettering. It may be found in most contemporary smartphones’ settings or display options. Turning on dark mode on devices with OLED displays can extend battery life as the pixels are disabled for black areas. Smartphone users can benefit from dark mode, which offers a variety of advantages for both comfort and functionality.

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How to get dark mode on TikTok Samsung? 

Before we get started with the detailed instructions for turning on the dark mode of TikTok in android for a Samsung device, it’s essential to know that the process may differ depending on the model you are currently using. There would be a tiny change; if something is different, you can work out a few things independently.

  • On your Samsung mobile, start the TikTok app.
  • To access the side menu, tap on your profile photo in the lower right corner.
  • Click “Settings and Privacy” after scrolling down.
  • Press “Display & Sounds” once.
  • Toggle “Dark mode” on by scrolling down.
  • The TikTok app’s wallpaper will shift to a darker color scheme after you enable dark mode.

Bottom Line

To avoid being negatively influenced or affected by social media, we must figure out ways to adopt beneficial practices. Since their devices serve as their only place of employment, content producers on TikTok may have many questions about cutting back on screen time. So why not make it easier on our eyes if we know that much of our day will be spent staring at the screen light? The only choice you can see is turning on dark mode. This is available on TikTok for both iOS and Android users. The step-by-step guide above on how to make your TikTok dark mode on Android will be helpful. Don’t procrastinate; act now to do your eyes and phone battery a favor.

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