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All about Picuki- The Best Instagram Editor and Viewer

Picuki is an amazing website and application that helps you in editing and view the Instagram profiles of other users. This website will not track your friends or any of your activities. Hence, it is a very secure and safe application.

By using this software, you can find popular Instagram and other social media influencers. You can also watch their Instagram stories, profile hashtags, and competition. This application does not allow you to steal the content of other people. So, if you are using this app you cannot save the personal information of other Instagram users like videos or photos. This is a perfect application if you desire to post pictures and videos of your own self.


The meaning of the word of this application is a lively personality. Due to this a person looks much younger than his/her age group, likes to wear attractive clothes, and has a funny bone. This is the quickest and easiest website through which you can safely share your pictures and video on Instagram.


Picuki as an Instagram Search Engine

The most exciting feature of this software is that as an Instagram viewer, you can watch the content of other people. Whether it is pictures or videos you can check all the IG viewer profiles. This application works as an Instagram profile viewer through which you can watch the content of people who liked your photos or the content of your friends.

You can also check the people who are following you, their profiles, Instagram stories, photos, videos, and hashtags. If you are using this application you do not need to make an Instagram account to become an Instagram viewer. Only with a click, can you search for anyone on Instagram. All you have to do is type the name of the Instagram user and you will get your desired results.

Is this Application Free to Download?

You can use the exciting features of this amazing application by only signing in to your account. To download the application, you do not need to spend money as it is free of cost. However, to become an Instagram viewer you should have an Instagram account. When you will sign into your Instagram account just like any other social media application, you can use your Instagram through this app. Picuki is available on the Google play store. After downloading it you can search the posts, pictures, hashtags, and videos of any person.

Download Instagram Pictures and Videos With This Application

If you desire to download Instagram pictures and videos then all you have to do is download them. This app also keeps you updated with the latest Instagram trends. You can watch your favorite social media influencers and celebrities. You can also make modifications to your Instagram account. With this application, you can download Instagram stories, photos, and videos which you can share with your family and friends.

Profile viewer application is there for you if you do not know how to search for the latest Instagram trends. All you have to do is use hashtags on Picuki and search for pictures of people.

This helps in finding entertaining Instagram content. With the help of search engines, you can also improve your Instagram analytics. You can even find photos and videos and people from your area on this application.

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It Is Among The Most Popular Hashtag- Search Tools

If you desire to become an Instagram influencer then you should be aware of the tools and techniques to improve your profile growth. This application is a popular hashtag search tool also.

By using this application, you can find profiles, photos, and videos. Not only it is a good search engine tool for Instagram but it is useful for other social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

When you will sign in to your Instagram account, you will enter the hashtag to search for post related to it. Only with a single click, you can easily download the post.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What kind of Application is this?

It is a website that works as an Instagram profile viewer and IG viewer, and you can watch Instagram stories anonymously. By using this application, you can also download pictures, videos, and stories from Instagram.

This anonymous Instagram viewer application is often known as Pickuki. Since it is easy to use and free to download people love this website.

What users use search terms on Google?

People often get confused about the spelling of this amazing application. Therefore, you will find different searches and spellings on the Internet such as pucuki, picoki, picuiki, picuoki, pocuki, pickuci, pickuli, instazu, picuko, and pikuki.

How to Download pictures and videos on Picuki Instagram?

By using this application you can easily download pictures and videos of Instagram users. Please search for the username, click on the picture, and download it. 

This is the feature, the main Instagram application does not provide. On the Instagram application, you can only download stories but not post.

Will people get to know you when you look at it?

If you look at someone’s Instagram story then they will know about it. But when you look at posts by using the application, people will not know about it.

Is this application legal?

It is 100% legal and safe. You can use this application to download videos and pictures. You can also use it as a search engine.

How Do You See Someone’s Profile?

You can see someone’s profile on this application by following the steps

  • Go to Picuki-Website
  • Enter the username and select your desired user profile
  • Select the profile and you can view their content.


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