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Terms and Conditions

TechDerive.com is a platform that keeps you updated with innovations, technology, and creativity. We work under terms and conditions that adhere to general data protection regulation GDPR.

By reading our terms and conditions, we hope that you will be aware of the working operation, rules, and regulations. We request you, read our terms and conditions before connecting with us.

Terms of Use

The data and information provided by TechDerive relate to general purposes only. The information we give on our website is meaningful knowledgeable and for educational purposes. Under any condition, TechDerive should not be responsible for the validity or accuracy of the information.

The user must have their own decision or choice about understanding the knowledge information we provide. We are not responsible for the damage loss or harm that has taken place to the user due to any information present on our website. It totally depends on the user who takes knowledge and implements it in his work.

Third-party Link’s Terms of Use

To provide you with the best information, knowledge, and education related to TechDerive we have joined hands with other associates. You will find third-party links on our website. Although we only collaborate with trusted resources, still we are not responsible for any harm or damage due to the third party.

We do not warrant or endorse the information given by the third party, therefore, using that information is up to you.

Policy Changes

TechDerive is an independent platform that holds the authority to alter, delete, change, or make changes to the terms and conditions without any notice. Therefore, if there are any changes to our website, you will witness them simultaneously. We welcome you and advise you to keep visiting the official pages to keep yourself updated with the information related to terms and conditions.

We are not held accountable for any improper, incomplete information, or any loss someone bears due to any piece of knowledge.

Policy Acceptance

It is a humble request to all the users that before availing of our services please accept our policies. If you do not agree with our terms and conditions, then we will request you not avail the services. If you are visiting our website, we assume that you are aware of and have accepted our terms and conditions.

Information About Guest Post

As we desire to provide diverse and updated knowledge to our users we also have the facility for guest posts. Writers of all fields can join hands with us. However, your content should be free from plagiarism, and error, copyright-free images, original content, and verified links and facts. If we have accepted your content as a guest post you cannot publish it anywhere else. Although we try to check out the uniqueness of the guest post but still we are not accountable for any issues.


The information which is available on our website has been gathered from different resources such as newspapers, local news channels, and social media. The information and knowledge are only for educational purposes. We are not accountable if a user uses our website knowledge and information in an inappropriate manner and performs illegal actions. It is the user’s liability to do such an act.

If you have any issue with information and knowledge with a third-party associate then you should contact them. We are not responsible for marketing or promoting the business of others. However, if you find the right choice for you, you can avail of their services as well. However, if you have purchased anything with their marketing strategy we are not responsible for any damage.

The opinion and views of our users are absolutely based on their thought processes and personal experiences. We are not responsible for it. We do not promote any illegal activity through our website and if we notice any discriminatory or illegal content we have full right to delete it.

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