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Privacy Policy

The privacy policy of TechDerive is related to the personal information of the users gathered during providing our services. We are aware of the worth of personal information and try our best to keep your information secure. We desire to provide you with the best experience without compromising on the GDPR rules and regulations

We strictly follow GDPR regulations. we collect the personal information of our users such as name, address, correspondence details, email addresses, and contact. your personal data is completely secure as we have taken all those security measures.

We would like to request all our users to read our privacy policies to get a better understanding of our work operations.

What Kind of Personal Information Do We Gather?

It is a part of our work that we get the information of the user such as contact number, name, email address, postal address, and other information. This information is collected by the users when they participate in our services by logging into our official website. All this information is gathered as we want to know about our readers so that we can provide them with focused and customized content.

Other than personal information we also get technical information such as browse details, cookies, IP address, number of links clicked, and third-party information on the pages that our users are using. We get their information when they use it as a result of the website browser on any news article. All this technical information is used once only so when you will avail of our services we can gather such information otherwise we have no right over them.

Other than this, we also gather information through the mobile interface. We have a mobile application for smartphones. When you download it from the play store and started on your mobile screen. To avail of services, you will need to enter your email address, password, and other details. You will also have to submit your location details or they will automatically be gathered during the operation.

Why Do We Collect Personal Information?

TechDerive is an informational platform that aims to provide advanced knowledge, information, education, and News related to technology. To pursue our goals requires a lot of expertise, research, and a small contribution from the readers as well. No matter, which region of the world you live in, we will provide our services.

Other than the above-mentioned reasons, Here, are some more reasons why we collect personal information

  • If it is required, we make communication with other users. We can contact you to update you about the topic of your interest or knowledge, and about ongoing event service updates, or invite you for a guest post. Things are only possible if we have your contact information.
  • Whenever we make changes in our service policies, it is our duty to inform the users. Therefore, with your personal information, we can contact you and update you about policy changes.
  • We want to stay connected with our users so if you are facing any type of issue we can sort it out.
  • Online fraud and illegal activities are common practices in today’s world. If you are facing any one of these, we can help you by resolving them.

Other Than Tech Who Else Is Using Your Personal Data

Techderive is connected with a wide network of associates that helps us in updating our services. Our partner’s third-party contacts affiliate work with us hand in hand. To do the deed, we may provide a part of or the whole information of your personal data to them.

Other than that we can also share your personal data when

  • It is a legal matter
  • To improve the relationship between users and service providers.
  • When the ownership of Tech changes.

In urgent situations, personal data might proceed to other resources without bringing it to your knowledge. We hope that you will understand, as it is a part of the process. we also hope that you will support us in it. We assure you that your personal data will not be misused by anyone by any means.

Parental Supervision

TechDerive believes that children who are younger than 16 require extra supervision. The children’s privacy requires extra vigilance. If your child does not meet the permissible age criteria of our platform then we will ensure the use of our platform and the parent should not disclose the personal information of the child.

If your child has given personal information without your knowledge, at any time you can contact us. We will take immediate needful steps as soon as possible.

Privacy Changes

TechDerive has all the rights to alter or change the privacy policy statement without any notice. It is advisable and appreciable if you will visit our privacy policy page. Through our website, you will get all the knowledge related to our privacy policies. We are not responsible for any loss or damage, in case you are unaware of all the privacy policies and regulations.

Once we have posted about the changes in our privacy policies, they will be implemented afterward. with the changes, we will also disclose the date and day the of the changes.

Contact Us

If you have any concerns or qualities feel free to contact TechDerive. We are always available to resolve your problems.

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