Unlocking the Secrets: Exploring the ERONE 034A Transmitter 2 Channels

“ERONE” An innovative option for cutting-edge security and access control systems is the ERON’E 034A Transmitter 2 Channels. Electric locks, gate and garage door automation, and obstacle control all require it. Furthermore, it offers automated closures for secure and hassle-free access control. ERON’E-034A is versatile enough to work in a variety of environments thanks to its ability to connect to both public and private networks. Because of its adaptability, it can be used successfully in both commercial and residential building. An technical marvel, the ERON’E-034A adapts to new security systems to make homes safer. Its robust security features and extensive feature set make it a top choice for safe access control.

With the release of the groundbreaking ERON’E 034A Transmitter 2 Channels, the company has quickly become a market leader in the dynamic security technology sector. This high-security transmitter possesses revolutionary rolling code technology that cannot be replicated in a factory setting. It is truly a show-stopper. The ERON’E E Series S2TR2641E2 is making waves in both business and residential settings because to its dual-access points and automatic closures.

A. Intriguing World of ERONE

A pioneer in the fascinating realm of security technology, ERONE has shown itself time and time again with groundbreaking products like the ERON’E 034A Transmitter. When it comes to security technology, ERON’E has always been at the forefront of innovation, pushing the envelope to provide customers with state-of-the-art solutions. One product that exemplifies this dedication is the ERON’E 034A Transmitter, which combines cutting-edge technology with security knowledge. This has allowed ERON’E to solidify its position as a frontrunner in the ever-changing security solutions market while also solidifying its position as an industry leader.

B. Unveiling the ERONE 034A Transmitter

We are invited to delve into the unique qualities that make the ERON’E 034A Transmitter stand out in the market as we unveil this technological masterpiece. This state-of-the-art transmitter combines innovation and dependability to surpass traditional security solutions. We can see that ERON’E has painstakingly designed the 034A to fulfill the expanding needs of the security landscape when we examine its essential features. Its sophisticated Keeloq® rolling code encryption and operating frequency of 433.92MHz are just two examples of how everything has been planned to give consumers peace of mind. Innovative and promising more than simply access control, the ERON’E 034A Transmitter sets a new bar for high-security transmission for picky users.

II. The Technology Behind ERONE 034A

A. 433.92MHz Operating Frequency

Operating at 433.92MHz, the ERON’E 034A is a technological wonder at its heart. The transmitter’s beating heart, this frequency conducts a network of stable and trouble-free connections. With its balanced and appropriate frequency range, 433.92MHz is a smart choice for efficient communication. By maintaining its operation at this frequency, the ERON’E 034A is able to precisely navigate the congested spectrum of wireless signals, reducing interference and increasing connection stability. Consequently, the transmitter is an exceptional choice for safe access control because customers can rely on it to constantly deliver robust and reliable performance.

B. Two Button Keyfob Magic

A user-friendly experience is provided by the sophisticated functions that a two-button keyfob may initiate, despite its seeming simplicity.

C. Keeloq® Rolling Code Encryption

Keeloq® rolling code encryption puts security first, making every action very safe and impervious to unwanted access.

III. Applications of ERONE’s Technological Marvel

A. Electric Locks and Door Unlocking

The ERON’E 034A breaks new ground in the field of secure access control and becomes a must-have tool for opening doors with electric locks. Because of how well it works with electric locking systems, opening doors is now a more pleasant and secure experience, and it completely changes the way people enter and exit buildings. The ERON’E 034A is prepared to provide users with a sense of security and efficiency in any type of building, whether it’s a home, business, or factory. An integral part of the dynamic ecosystem of contemporary security solutions, this technical wonder not only keeps spaces safe but also simplifies the access experience.

B. Gate and Garage Door Openers

Add a new level of ease to your everyday life by seamlessly navigating the world of gate and garage door automation with ERON’E 034A.

C. Barrier Lifting Capabilities

Because of its adaptability to different access control circumstances, ERON’E 034A makes lifting barriers a snap.

IV. ERONE 034A in Action: Features Unleashed

A. Impressive Range: 150m – 200m

Even in wide areas, you may enjoy the freedom of operation with a remarkable range of 150 – 200 meters.

B. ASK Modulation

The system’s overall robustness is enhanced by the use of Amplitude Shift Keying (ASK) modulation, which guarantees dependable communication.

C. Compact Measurements: 84 x 48 x 16 mm

Compact in size (84 x 48 x 16 mm), ERON’E 034A is easy to carry and manage thanks to its powerful capabilities.

D. Power Source: 12V L1028 / LR23A Battery

The 12V L1028 / LR23A battery powers the transmitter, guaranteeing long-lasting performance and minimizing the inconvenience of frequent changes.

V. Seamless Compatibility: ERONE 034A Bridges the Gap

A. Compatibility Matrix

For an all-encompassing security solution, ERON’E 034A is compatible with a wide range of systems and devices thanks to its smooth integration capabilities.

B. ERONE Mini Series Synergy

Learn how the Mini Series and ERON’E 034A work together to make your security system even more effective.

C. CDVI T Series Companionship

By becoming an ally to CDVI T Series users, ERON’E 034A unlocks previously inaccessible levels of protection.

VI. Real-World Applications: Where ERON’E 034A Shines Bright

A. Automatic Closures

Secure and efficient, ERON’E 034A streamlines access control in the field of automatic closures.

B. Public and Private Access Points

Ensuring a seamless and secure movement of individuals, ERON’E 034A caters to both public and private entry points.

C. Residential and Industrial Environments

Securing surroundings of varying sizes, ERON’E 034A fits smoothly to households and industrial complexes alike.

VII. Unraveling the Mystery: How ERON’E Ensures Security

A. Factory-Encoded Brilliance

One of the best things about the ERON’E 034A is that its security is encoded at the manufacturer, therefore there are no weaknesses from manual coding.

B. Encrypted and Unreproducible Wonders

Extra security is provided by each unit of ERON’E 034A, which contains encrypted wonders that cannot be reproduced.

VIII. User-Friendly Ergonomics: The ERON’E Experience

A. Simplified Operation

Navigating through the functionalities of ERON’E 034A is simplified, ensuring users of all technical backgrounds can operate it effortlessly.

B. User-Friendly Dimensions

The 84 x 48 x 16 mm dimensions of the ERON’E 034A combine portability and power in a way that makes it extremely user-friendly.

IX. ERONE 034A: A Technological Marvel for Modern Living

A. The Changing Face of Technology

ERON’E 034A is proof of how security technology is evolving and adjusting to meet contemporary demands.

B. ERONE’s Contribution to Security

ERON’E 034A redefines security as it contributes to a safe and effective living environment, not merely as a transmitter.

X. Benefits Galore: Why ERONE 034A Steals the Spotlight

A. Security Redefined

Not only a transmitter, ERON’E 034A redefines security by enhancing a secure and productive living environment.

B. Convenience Amplified

Because ERON’E 034A prioritizes security without sacrificing simplicity, it’s a great option for those looking for a comprehensive solution.

XI. Future Perspectives: What Lies Ahead for ERONE?

A. Technological Advancements

Keep an eye out for ERONE’s upcoming technological innovations, which promise innovation and constant progress.

B. ERONE’s Role in Shaping the Future

ERON’E is expected to have a significant impact on how safe living is shaped in the future as technology advances.

XII. Customer Testimonials: Real Experiences, Real Security

A. Voices from the Users

Hear directly from people whose security settings have included ERON’E 034A about their experiences.

B. ERONE’s Impact on Daily Life

Discover how ERON’E 034A has become a common part of life, blending security into everything.

XIII. Conclusion:

Act of the ERONE trilogy, the ERON’E 034A Transmitter 2 Channels stands out as a symbol of contemporary safety, embodying the spirit of cutting-edge technology to safeguard the present without delay. From its novel working frequency to its uses in electric lock unlocking, we have explored its design in detail throughout this exploration. Not only has ERON’E established a reputation for itself in the field of security technology, but they have also revolutionized it by providing a high-security transmitter that surpasses all expectations.

By the end of the ERONE story, it’s clear that this technical wonder is more than a fix; it’s a pledge to build a safer, more efficient future. In a world where everything is always changing, the ERON’E 034A is at the forefront, representing the perfect union of innovation, dependability, and simplicity to keep the promise of security intact.


Q: Is ERONE 034A difficult to operate for someone with limited technical knowledge?

The answer is no! The intuitive ergonomics of the ERONE 034A make it suitable for users with varying levels of technical expertise.

Q: What sets ERONE 034A apart from other transmitters in the market?

A: The ERONE 034A stands out because to its compatibility with several systems, factory-encoded brilliance, and high-security Keeloq® rolling code encryption.

Q: Can ERONE 034A be used in both residential and industrial settings?

Yes, ERONE 034A offers safe access control in both residential and industrial settings.

Q: How long does the battery of ERONE 034A last?

The 12V L1028 / LR23A battery powers the transmitter, which means it will last a long time and you won’t have to worry about replacing it too often.

Q: What is the range of ERONE 034A in open space?

A: The ERONE 034A has a remarkable range of 150–200 meters in open areas, giving you a lot of freedom and flexibility when you operate it.

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